Wetlands Constructed at EHPEA Member Farms - EHPEA

Wetlands Constructed at EHPEA Member Farms

Wetlands Constructed at EHPEA Member Farms

Wetlands Constructed at EHPEA Member Farms


The horticulture sector in Ethiopia is one of the rapidly growing industries in the country.  Following the boom in the sector, the production volume has been increasing accordingly that it generates wastes (both solid and liquid types) from different production practices.

Waste management has been one of a cross cutting issue for sustainable business climate of the horticulture sector. In line with this, EHPEA has been taking a lead on the implementation of waste water management by supporting the construction of Wetland System of farms in collaboration with key partnering organizations.The construction of wetland system implemented on 24 EHPEA member farms way above the project plan, as it was initially designed to reach 15 farms. Up to date 34 farm staffs drawn from 12 different farms were trained on operation & maintenance in the course of managing the wetland system.




                               Constructed Wetland at Sher Ethiopia PLC

Member farms practice:


Mr. Mohamed, Farm Manager at AQ Rose    said “Our wetland is constructed in line with international standards. All liquid waste in the farm is being collected and pumped to the wetland system with zero discharge, allowing us to save water. After being treated, the water will be used for garden area irrigation purposes. In fact, for better results, regular maintenance works are necessary to maximize efficiency & sustainability.”

                                                                 AQ Roses Constructed Wetland

Florensis Abyssinia PLC

“Our Wetland system is under construction, we are very optimistic of the results & we are eager see its positive impact on ensuring a healthy environment & proper waste water management practice. Although our farm has limited amount of waste water, once it is treated, we are planning to reuse the exiting waste water for our landscape beautification; irrigation of grass, tree and other edible plants.”





Joytech PLC

Mr. Besrat Haileselassie,Farm Manager at Joytech





Florensis Abyssinia PLC

 “Wetland is significantly helpful to our farm with a key role in ensuring zero discharge as the waste water is being collected in one single place.In addition to this it keeps the environment safe and builds the sector’s positive image.”

Constructed Wetland at Joytech

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