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Sectoral Information

Country Overview

Ethiopia, home for over 80 ethnic groups and with a population of over 108 million is the second most populous country in Africa. It has total land area of 1.14 million sq. km with over 11 million hectares of irrigable land. The country has vast surface and ground water resource making it “The Water tower of East Africa” with a diverse of agro ecological zones which are suitable for the production of a wide range of crops throughout the year.

Currently the horticulture sector occupy 10,897.21 hectares. The sector creates employment opportunity for 199,640 persons and in 2017/18 generated earnings of about 307.04 million USD which is 21% is earned from Vegetables, Fruit & Herb export. This makes the sector the fourth largest foreign revenue generator for the country.
Ethiopia has a good potential for the production and export of high-valued fruits and vegetables that can be competitive in the international market with additional advantage in locational proximity to other countries.

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