A consultative workshop on environmental protection organized by EFCCC

The Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission (EFCCC) organized a half day consultative workshop to discuss and reflect on the Commission’s performance of 2011 EC budget year in the area of environmental Protection and to present its 2012 EC budget year plan for discussion concerned stakeholders. The program was held on 1st October 2019 at Top Ten Hotel in Addis Ababa.

On the opening, Deputy Commissioner of the Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission, Mrs. Frenesh Mekuriya, gave a remark on the importance of working together with all stakeholders and the public to realize environmental sustainability and ensure that citizens have the right to live in a clean and healthy environment by enforcing law.

On the workshop it was presented that the Commission has been achieving good results in the area of environmental protection, mentioning the major activities performed by the commission such as; evaluating 13 mega projects and industrial villages in different parts of the countries, supervising 60 private manufacturing industries and 70 flower farms natural environment protection methods and waste managements against the standard parameter of the commission, giving acceptance certificate to 520 Environmental Impact Assessment studies conducted by private consultants for new investments; taking inventory of DDT chemical stocks in different parts of the country & conducted supportive supervision on 70 cities’ solid waste management systems and took corrective actions on the problems.

In the 2012 EC budget year, the Commission deliberated its main activities; to control and supervise waste management and environmental protection works of private companies, governmental institutions and non- profit organizations in the country and take all the necessary action to address problems.

The commission prepared detail supervision plans to ensure the environment policy would be implemented and the Ethiopian people are living in clean environment and protected from any environmental related problems.

In this regard the commission plan to supervise 58 flower farms in the country and to jointly work in collaboration with concerned stakeholders in controlling the environment and implementing the policy.

EHPEA Representatives also suggested that the commission should closely discuss with the EHPEA on the standard monitoring parameters for Gold, Silver and Bronze standards that are clearly stated in the Code of Practice, when evaluating or inspecting the member farms.

It was also advised that the supervision team should closely work with the EHPEA, in order to effectively supervise the selected farms and take corrective measures or actions on farms that do not follow the required standard.

The Deputy Commissioner on his part expressed the commission’s willingness to work closely with EHPEA and strengthen collaboration.

CSR Corner: SHER Ethiopia built a kindergarten at Adami Tulu

SHER Ethiopia PLC constructed a full-fledged Kindergarten at Adami Tulu Site. Public relation of SHER Ethiopia, Mrs. Yezina Ayalew stated that the company had almost in completion phase of the construction of the kindergarten and they already started registration of students for 2012 Ethiopian year.

The school will receive students from the company’s employees and from the surrounding communities as well. The communities and employees of the company have praised the initiative and stated that the school will help them in sending their children close to the area they work and live. The kindergarten school will be officially inaugurated and start delivery of education in the coming month.

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