International Conference on Biological Control

An International Conference on Biological Control held on May 26,2022 at Hilton Addis Ababa.
EHPEA, organized this conference with an objective of creating a learning platform on the past, present, and future trends and patterns of Biological Pest Management in Ethiopia.

On the conference, the quest for sustainability of the Ethiopian horticulture industry, biological pest management status of the sector, trends and patterns of bio-agent use and research status of biological agent in Ethiopia had been presented and discussed at length.

In addition to this commercial farms and bio-agent suppliers, execute a panel discussion on past, present and future of biological pest management practices, challenges, and marketing in Ethiopia.

Government officials, commercial farms, development partners and other stakeholders participated.
Different stakeholders from abroad were in attendance virtually.

Avocado Cluster Development Workshop

Cluster Development Workshop on Avocado Production has been held on May 20, 2022 at Radisson Blu Hotel in collaboration with EHPEA and GIZ.

Stakeholders, responsible government office representatives, private sectors who are engaged in the production of Avocado production, export and agro-processing business, international organizations, as well as potential investors were attendees of the workshop.

Strawberry production and latest insight on crop management training

EHPEA TVET center in collaboration with its partners commence providing training on strawberry production and latest insight on crop management for commercial farms, university lecturers and investment officers at Bahirdar.

The training will continue in the coming days at Holeta cluster.

EHPEA Training Center is delivering a series of practical trainings for Zengena and Mota Cooperative Union

EHPEA training center is delivering a series of practical trainings for Zengena and Mota Cooperative Union, Commercial Farms, Agricultural Office Experts, and Agro-processing Industrial Parks as part of a GIZ-EHPEA project named “Cluster Support for the Agriculture and Food Industries in Ethiopia.”

The training program is designed to help cooperatives, unions, and commercial farms comprehend the quality and market needs of products, as well as appropriate agricultural practices, in order to promote a feasible link between smallholder farmers and the agro-processing sector.

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