A closing session conducted at EHPEA Office, for the skill based practical training - EHPEA

A closing session conducted at EHPEA Office, for the skill based practical training

A closing session conducted today at EHPEA office, for the skill based practical training which have been provided for seven consecutive days to horticulture researchers and university lecturers at EHPEA member farms; Agriflora PLC, Ethio Agri-CEFT PLC, Joytech PLC, Nunhems Ethiopia PLC and Florensis Abyssinia Farm PLC.

According to the trainee’s reflection, the training was an inspiration to perform their research in a different direction and changed their perception of the horticulture sector in general.

EHPEA TVET Training inked for partnership with Ethiopian Agricultural Research Council Secretariat (EARCS) to collaborate for sustainable engagements on skills development knowledge and technology transfer in the horticulture sector, to strengthen the public private partnership and research – Industry linkage.

At the program State Minister for Horticulture Sector Ministry of Agriculture, Ato Wondale Habtamu stated the Ministry’s commitment to have a horticulture policy in the country as well as harmonizing the agriculture research institutes. He also added the association interventions doubles the success of the horticulture industry in the country.

EHPEA Executive Director, Ato. Tewodros Zewdie also stated that the partnership has been a breakthrough for the Agricultural Institutes in the country, and a great start for EHPEA TVET Training Centre broadening its services to public and private agri-business organizations.

The association gave a recognition certificate to its member farms who were keen to open their farm for the practical training.

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