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Company calls for EHPEA, gov’t to facilitate Chinese market access

Tinaw Business S.C is one of the horticulture growers who participated in the Goyang Korea International Flower Exhibition took place from April 26-May 12, 2019.

Muluken Lemma who attended the event from Tinaw Business S.C. said the exhibition was good in terms of promoting company’s products at Korean market. It is not for the first time for the Company to take part in the exhibition. Compared to similar events in other countries Muluken noted that “it is a bit challenging for Ethiopian horticulture growers to pass the strict quarantine regulation in Korea and Japan airports to take part in the event.”

Besides, the inadequacy of cargo service from Ethiopia also has impact on effectively utilizing Korean market.

The colour, volume and supply period also affect export to Korean market because Korean consumers prioritize Latin American and local flowers which suit their taste in terms of cost and colour and volume.

Enhancing cargo service from Ethiopia and being able to supply all year round will be the best approach for Ethiopian horticultural farms to take advantage of Korean market.

Expressing his view Muluken said Chinese market is more accessible and convenient for Ethiopian growers when compared to the Korean one. Thus, EHPEA and the government are expected to facilitate market opportunities for Ethiopian growers at Chinese market.

Including Tinaw Business S.C which is engaged in roses production at its farm situated in Wolkite, five horticulture farms—Roshanara Rose PLC, ZK Flower, Dugda Floriculture Development PLC and Hansa Horticulture PLC exhibited their products at Goyang Korea International Flower Exhibition from Ethiopia.

The growers displayed their products at the event through the coordination of the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA).

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