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Company envisages expansion amidst infrastructural bottlenecks

Euro Flora farm says it is doing its level best towards applying and making use of better practices which are said to have been effective in the floriculture development.

In order to make progress the company is now taking robust steps on improving production and productivity as well as employees handling and administration, Company Production Manager Gizachew Eshetu said.

The company has enabled surrounding households get access to basic developmental facilities and it has plan to expand the farm on condition that the challenges of power and water are addressed, according to Mr. Ram Chandra, Euro Flora General Manager.

Relevant experience sharing platform, prompt responses of governmental offices at different levels and support from pertinent sector stakeholders could play a pivotal role in achieving its goals.

With 150 employees, the farm is developing roses in eight greenhouses on eight hectares. The Middle East is its market destination and it imports farm input from South Africa.

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