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CSR Corner: Life Skill Training Provided for Management of Tinaw Businesses Plc by Serapta Lifestyle Management Plc

Owner and General Manager of Tinaw businesses plc. Mr. Tesfaye G/Hiwot initiated a life skill training for its middle and higher management staff which were provided by Serapta Lifestyle Management plc. The training aimed to improve the life style of employees directly as well as to boost productivity through achieving better health of employees.

The training emphasized on life skills, better life styles, health and welfare, ergonometric aspects of individuals and others. The training delivered at the premise of the farm targeting middle and higher management of Tinaw which then extended to all employees through in-house training. Employees of the farms appreciated the initiative and stated that the training workshop was a life and career changing program which could be interpreted to personal and professional life.

Tinaw Business Share Company was established in 2006, by five shareholders, with the major objective of engaging in various business portfolios in a phase by phase basis with the initial focus on horticulture areas, floriculture in particular. The Company’s head quarter is in Addis Ababa – the Capital City of Ethiopia. The farm is located in Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Regional State, Guraghe Zone, Ezsha District, Ziba-botto Village, 175 kms South West of Addis Ababa, at an altitude of 1970 meters above sea level.

The Company started operation on 7 hectares of greenhouse coverage and has undergone subsequent rose flowers expansion projects. Presently, the Company grows seventeen varieties of rose flower on 26.6 hectares of greenhouse coverage and exports to the international market, mainly The Netherlands. The Company has become one of the most competitive companies in the international floriculture business which is characterized by aggressive competition. It generates considerable foreign exchange to the country and has provided job opportunities for 900 workers at present. Noting its competitiveness and the already established management capacity in the floriculture sector, the Company planned to undertake rose flower expansion project.

Apart from rose flowers, the Company has secured 54 hectares of land for vegetables and has started growing for the local market at the initial stage of development with the ultimate plan for export market in phase by phase basis.

To this effect, the Company has put in place the major infrastructural facilities such as water supply along with a modern filtration system, electricity, and drip irrigation lines on 10 hectares open field. The Farm is also staffed with the required professional, and has started growing various vegetables on 10 hectares of land on open field. The flower farm has been engaged in various corporate social responsibility activities for the benefit of the local community.

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