Derba Flower and Mullo Farm join hands with Midroc Ethiopia to install a new borehole for Derba village - EHPEA

Derba Flower and Mullo Farm join hands with Midroc Ethiopia to install a new borehole for Derba village

Derba Flowers and Mullo Farm are located next to Derba village at 70 km drive north west from Addis Ababa. With over 350 hectares of land, only 45 hectares are used for floriculture and the other 85% is managed as nature reserve. Both companies are involved in the production of high quality Hypericum Coco- and Veronica Pico flowers which are exported to a large number of customers all over the world.

Besides the conservation of nature, the farms strive to have a good balance between flower production and community engagement. These efforts have enabled the farms to be the first in the Ethiopian flower sector to become certified with Rainforest Alliance. The organization decided to go for the unusual choice of Rainforest Alliance, next to Code of Practice Silver level, because most of the USA based customers intend to comply with this specific standard.

In addition, Derba Flowers and Mullo Farm have recently joined hands with Midroc (a local cement factory) to provide the neighbouring area of the farms with a new borehole. The old borehole was broken due to an unfortunate event and the companies sat around the table with the community to find a solution to resolve the issue. In the end both companies agreed for Midroc to take up the installation work and for Derba Flowers and Mullo Farm to make sure all required material, such as piping, electricity and a pump will be donated.

Meanwhile, leading up to finalizing the installation of the new borehole, Derba Flowers has been giving trucks of water to the community to make sure people continued to have access to clean drinking water. This project has improved the well-being of the people in Derba village and helped to strengthen the relationship of the farms with the community.

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