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Ethiopia formulates first seed policy

Ethiopia has drafted its first ever seed policy aimed at administering the whole seed value chain from production to distribution with the purpose of ensuring a timely and quality supply of seeds to farmers.

The policy covers the activities and involvement of stakeholders in the processes of variety development, production and distribution to smallholder farmers. The policy is believed to help in addressing challenges faced by stallholder farmers in getting quality seeds in a timely fashion.

The policy also aims at enhancing productivity, assuring bio-diversity conservation, maintaining and security, modernizing and developing a globally competent seed industry by giving special emphasis to the private sector.

Further, the policy is expected to enable the country become self-sustained in seed supply, substitute seed imports and generate income from the export of seeds.

The Ethiopian Seed Association noted that the participation of the private sector in improved seed production and supply would be encouraged.

Drafted by a task force drawn from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ethiopian Development Research Institute over the past two years, the policy was submitted for approval to the council of ministers two months ago.

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