Ethiopian Day held at the 2019 Beijing Horticultural Expo - EHPEA

Ethiopian Day held at the 2019 Beijing Horticultural Expo

Ethiopian national day marked in Guirui Theatre of 2019 Beijing Expo in the presence of H.E Humer Husen, Ministry of Agriculture Minister, Teshome Toga, and Ethiopian Ambassador to China, State Ministers and Chinese government higher officials.

The program aimed to promote the country potential of agri-business export and investment, considering the emerging demand of Chinese import market.

The Ethiopian horticultural development for the export of flowers, fruit and vegetables, favoured by the country’s suitable climate, has been one of its major success stories of recent years. The sector has attracted a huge investment flow and had been steadily penetrating international markets over the last past 15 years. Mainly driven by the expanding middle classes’ strong level of consumer confidence, backed by a younger generation who see cut flowers as part of daily life, China is becoming the largest potential marketplace of horticultural products.

Expo 2019 marks a new chapter and will help to open doors for Ethiopian horticulture producers and exporters to translate their global market successes into action on China as well.

Ethiopia’s theme for Expo 2019 is “13 Months of Green Production”portraying a picture of sustainable, harmonious and eco-friendly horticulture, produced all the year round. During the past 4 months of the Expo, the Ethiopian pavilion caught the eyes of more than 12,000 visitors who were impressed by the colourful flowers on display and the traditional coffee ceremony.

On the national day Ethiopian officials stated that the country has a lot of potential for more agribusiness, and more room for cooperation with China not only in agriculture, but also tourism. The program flowed by a B2B session where the main actors of the sector presented the current status and potentials.

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