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Federal Level Strategic Partnership Platform for Horticulture

The federal level strategic partnership platform for horticulture conducted its monthly meeting on addressing challenges of the sector today at Batu (Ziwayi) town at Sher farm in the presence of senior officials and representatives of pertinent federal Ministries, Commissions and Ethiopian Electric Utility and Ethio-Telecom. The participants deliberated at length including, among others, policy, regulations and directives related issues, farms specific problems, ambiguous interpretation of tax law, amd frequent power outrage. On the meeting, Dr. Sofiya Kassa, State Minister of Agriculture, emphasized the need for synergy within each government institution and the private sector. Along with the meeting the participants visited the constructed Wetland system and got a briefing how the farms manage their liquid wastes for a better environment protection as well as water saving. The meeting adjourned by taking assignments for prompt response on the raised issues. 

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