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How utilising the latest fogging technology will keep your crops happy and healthy

With growers looking to optimise their crop growth and the consistent control of their environment, the options and different formulas to success are vast.

The importance of a synergistic relationship between heat and humidity is an important challenge to overcome. To ensure you’re growing a happy and healthy plant it is important to promote the most suitable environment.

Higher levels of humidity or setting the incorrect temperature in your greenhouse will cause the environment to be too wet and bring stress to the plants. Stressed plants are more prone to fungus, pests and insects.

The use of fogging systems in commercial growing is tipped to be the next industry standard; Bridge Greenhouses, based in the UK, are expanding their product base by teaming up with a German innovator to bring their latest automated fogging solutions to British greenhouses.

This latest high-pressure fogging technology is paving the way for greater control of any climate, with the thin fog providing an increased humidity and cooling effect, to give plants the optimum growing conditions.

The new kit sees water pressures supplied into the air within the ranges of 70-100 bar releasing a fog via high-pressure nozzles. The fog evaporates and withdraws heat energy from the air so that two effects can be achieved simultaneously: Cooling and humidification.

With low humidity levels, comes slow or sometimes no rate of photosynthesis, therefore it is crucial to create the correct environment for the crop. Giving plants the appropriate humidity levels will allow them to flourish due to the opening of the pores on the leaf; this results in deep breathing and no risk of excessive water loss.

The industry standard droplet size of the fog needs to be smaller than 20 micrometres if you want good cooling performance and quick evaporation. However, Bridge’s fogging system produces miniscule droplets of less than 5 micrometres that evaporate before forming on the plant, meaning this system produces a uniformed and healthy crop with minimal risk of fungus wilting and insects.

Bridge’s fogging systems can be designed to suit any greenhouse structure and automated to work alongside other greenhouse technologies already being implemented.

Bridge also specialise in the design of greenhouse structures, biomass heating and vertical farming solutions.

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