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Isuzu East Africa introduces Cold Chain Logistic Vehicles

Isuzu East Africa has unveiled their first ever locally assembled Cold Chain logistic vehicles that are improvised to support farmers, hoteliers and a diversity of retailers in transportation of temperature –sensitive farm produce or products from factories to consumers in an entire supply chain with the aim of quality preservation.

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Horticulture waste to soon be turned into organic manure 

In order to address the issue of horticulture waste such as dry leaves and plants from 700 parks and green belts, the Noida Authority plans mass treatment of about five tonnes of horticulture waste per day to turn them into organic manure and sell them at a nominal price to residents. “We have been witnessing a huge pile-up of leaves all across Noida. These leaves have become a problem to deal with. They even trigger fire at a few places. We will now turn these waste leaves into compost,” said Rajeev Tyagi, the general manager of the Noida Authority.

For this, it has roped in experts in organic manure and has begun pilot projects by digging pits for compost in two places, including a Sector 8 nursery and along the Yamuna river front opposite Sector 15 A Park. A third location is being considered.

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