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PM Abiy launched the Investment and Jobs Creation National committee

PM Abiy launched the Investment and Jobs Creation National committee this morning in the presence of Regional Presidents and Federal Ministers.

Noting that Ethiopia has to unlock the full potential of the private sector with a view to creating sustainable & decent jobs, he reiterated that the importance of putting the country on a path to a virtuous cycle of development.

The committee, Chaired by PM Abiy, comprises the Deputy Prime Minister, Presidents of the 9 Regional Governments; Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa Mayors; 2 PMO representatives and 10 Federal Ministries.

The Ministries include Trade & Industry, Peace, Agriculture, Urban Dev’t & Construction, Labor & Social Affairs Innovation & Technology; Water, Irrigation & Electricity; Mines & Petroleum; Tourism & Culture; and Science & Higher Education.


The national committee will ensure the creation of sustainable & decent work by aligning policy and institutional systems. It will also play a leading role in securing & expanding investments closely & ensure implementation of plans to increase investments and job creation.

The committee is also set to coordinate for effective outputs, the work of Federal & Regional entities and other stakeholders in creating a conducive investment environment to accelerate jobs creation.

Every year b/n 2-3mil youth enter the employ ability age range and add to #Ethiopia’s human resource & talent pool. While #Ethiopia’s economic performance is progressive, more work needs to be done to create a conducive investment climate towards job creation.

The Doing Business Initiative and committee led by PM Abiy has marked key milestones towards the goal of creating an enabling business env’t in which the pvt sector can play its critical jobs creation role.

These two committees working in sync are expected to facilitate the goal of creating 3mil jobs by the end of E.C 2012. Key sectors identified and given special focus to accelerate jobs creation nation wide include agriculture, mining, tourism and IT.

The National Committee will meet every two months to evaluate progress and follow-up on issues requiring immediate action to unlock performance. Following the meeting, PM Abiy and the committee members planted seedlings together for a #GreenLegacy.

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