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Validation workshop on Ministerial Regulation for Plant Breeders Right Proclamation

A validation workshop on the Ministerial Regulation for the draft Plant breeder right proclamation and seed proclamation has been conducted from August 26-28, 2019 at Lisak Resort, Bishoftu where relevant sector actors and stakeholders involved. The workshop was organized by Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA).

A key stakeholders deliberated in depth in the consultation comprised of organizations from Federal and Regional States as well as Development Partners of the Agriculture Sector and Seed Sub-sector.

A depth, review has been made to the regulation in terms of technical, procedural as well as lawful actions that contribute to the final enrichment of the regulation aimed to create a document that is acceptable by the users and workable in Ethiopian context. The organizers stated that it will be further appraised as well as relevant feedbacks will be incorporated and be on table of parliament for ratification.

Ethiopian institute of agriculture research (ILRI), Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office, Coffee and Tea authority, Ethiopian Institute of Biodiversity, Ethiopia Seed Enterprise, and Participants from Regional States; Public Seed Enterprises, BoA, RARI’s, and Private Seed Producers as well as development partners in the sector such as ICARDA, CYMMIT, ISSD, FAO, GIZ and EHPEA were the partakers to the enrichment of the proclamation so as to fit the sector and produce comprehensive document.

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