252.2 Million USD Was Generated From Export Trade in the month of July - EHPEA

252.2 Million USD Was Generated From Export Trade in the month of July

Addis Ababa, September 6, 2012 (FBC) – Revenue surpassed $ 252.2 million in export revenue in July 2011. In July, it was planned to earn 252.9 million US dollars from the agriculture, manufacturing and mining sectors, with an income of 252.2 million US dollars, the Ministry of Trade and Industry said.

The performance increased by 40.69 million USD or 19.23%, up from 211.5 million US dollars in the same month last year. Out of the planned budget for July, the export sector is flower, electronics, electricity, chemical and construction inputs, vegetables, nuts, pens, and coffee.

Products that accounted for 75 percent to 99 percent of the plan were livestock, textiles and clothing, cereals, natural resin and frankincense and meat. According to the Ministry, oil and leather products and spices are 50% to 74% of the planned.

On the other hand, under the plan, foreign trade exports are less than 50 percent, followed by meat products, beverages and pharmaceuticals, seaweeds, milk and dairy products, wax, gold, other minerals, tea leaves, metals and honey.

In order to increase the market share of the country in the fiscal year, the ministry said it is necessary to establish a system to supply export products to the world market in a quality, competitive price and required.

He also stressed the need to interfere with all stakeholders by putting market-leading products modern, efficient, transparent, equitable, by incorporating market-based products into the modern marketing system and taking other appropriate measures immediately.

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