The International Division of bbw gGmbH implements development projects in the field of organizational development and vocational training worldwide. A project fact finding mission took place in July 2017 in Ethiopia and identified the key fields of cooperation for a BMO partnership project between bbw and EHPEA. Upon successful implementation of the first phase (Nov 2017-Dec 2020), the project has received approval to pursue the second phase (Jan 2021-Dec 2023).

The partnership with EHPEA focuses on strengthening the management and internal processes to enable the association to be a strong advocate of the sectors’ interests as well as to deliver innovative services corresponding to member needs and future market trends. This includes:

  • Implementation of a consistent business-oriented approach: sustainable income generation and strengthening performance capacity

  • Establishment of a professional knowledge management including an IT-based knowledge management system

  • Further development of new services and of the EHPEA training center (special attention to the fields of digitalization and innovation)

  • Taking on the role as an influential representative for the sector: e.g. implementation of CSR measures by EHPEA and their member farms, dissemination of good CSR practice