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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


EHPEA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project component is established to embed sustainable social investments and income generating activities for the youth of surrounding communities in the significant horticulture development corridors.

EHPEA’s CSR Project Component Undertakings

We, EHPEA together with esteemed members, will positively engage our stakeholders in forward-looking dialogue, support members, comply with international standards and EHPEA code of practice, and address environmental issues of climate change, biodiversity and social issues of human right and diversity and supporting nearby communities in the course of our business operation in a transparent, fair and open manner.

By continually maintaining a long term outlook, and by providing services that contribute to health and well being, we will strive as a solution provider to promote a resilient and sustainable society.

The intention of Project Component

  • Creating a conducive working environment for the horticulture business
  • Ensuring sustainability socially within the farms and the surrounding community
  • Improving the image and competitiveness of the sector in the international market
Progress under the Project Component

Continuous meeting and dialogues were taking place since July 2018 with relevant stakeholders in the industry and member companies having the aim of resolving encounters they might face throughout their doing business environment in creating smoothen relationship with the communities and various stakeholders.

Based on dialogues and partnerships with all stakeholders as well as unshakable commitment having the vision of ‘creating a harmonized horticulture industry and serving surrounding communities’ EHPEA will strive and move forward to achieve transformation.

As we take on this challenge, we would like to ask all of our stakeholders and esteemed members for their continued support.

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