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ERCA to start One Window Service as of August

Ethiopian single window program office announced that beginning from the first week of August 2018 ERCA will start One Window Service stationed at its head office.

The system allows all participants in trade and transport file requested information in only one place, in a standard format, in order to carry out import, export and transit operations.

According to UNCTAD trade efficiency study; average trade transaction goes through 27-30 person, at least 40 documents involved passing through around 40 institutions. Due to this process the trader faces unnecessary/excessive data and documentation requirements, lack of transparency, excessive clearance times and lack of coordination.

One Window Service will be the new method of trading benefiting as a tool of good governance and business efficiency. Once it’s applied all traders will enjoy the service of lower cost ; because of shorter time for the preparation of documents, Goods released faster, predictable and efficient explanation and implementation of rules and procedures with more transparency work flow.

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