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Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA)

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Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) is a business membership organization which is established in 2002. It is an organization meant to promote the interest of its members who are engaged in the production and export of cut flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs, cuttings as well as vegetable seeds. Currently, EHPEA has 120 members and it has been relentlessly contributing for the horticulture industry boom in Ethiopia and effectively representing the interests of its members locally and globally.The mission of EHPEA is to improve the competitiveness of our members and promote sustainable growth of Ethiopian Horticulture sector by providing innovative services.Over the last decade, EHPEA has been working with various partners and executed impactful projects to improve the sector in general and member companies’ performance in particular. One of its core functions is ensure members are environmentally and socially compliant and make the workplace fair and conducive for workers specifically for women’s through the implementation practice of EHPEA Code of Practice and other international standards.  One of the indicators to be compliant and proper grievance management system ensure pertinent and relevant information’s and data are properly kept and shared to members and relevant stakeholders on time.

Now days, EHPEA is implementing a program in partnership with Danish Family planning association to improve the sector’s competitiveness that aims to strengthen Ethiopia’s floriculture industry. The project focused on institutionalize the wellbeing of employee, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender equality and decent work in selected flower farms in Ethiopia. As part of the it, the workplace document and record management is one of the area need improvement, hence it require to design and implement data and record management system forensuring that every farm policy implementation practices to be captured and documented for reference in the selected EHPEA member farms.

Currently, most of member farms compliance related information and grievance management data is mainly recorded using a manual hardcopy filling system such mechanisms has a chance for losing and missing the proper relevant information which will not give proper background information. There are lots of problems faced due to the current practices of information collection. The information captured is not organized, it’s available in staffs’ personal computers, availability of data highly relay on personal availability and does not evaluate the service delivery, farms’ improvement to recommend further farm practices.

In line with this, EHPEA is soliciting eligible consulting firms who can develop Data recording and information management system.

Objective of Consultancy

The main purpose of this consultancy is to develop an information and record management system for the horticulture workplace gender related activities and implementation practices in respect to Sexual reproductive health right, GBV and Gender equality policy and practices. In addition to developing the system installation and training on knowhow to use the system in practice for the selected farm responsible staffs and EHPEA coordinating team so that will have a better working environment in the sector and thereby ensuring sustainable industrial growth through improving workplace gender inclusive management system.

How to Apply

  1. Interested firms can collect the prepared Terms of Reference (ToR) from EHPEA office, i.e., Finance and Administration Department or the ToR can be downloaded from EHPEA website ( ).
  2. Based on the ToR, both technical and financial proposals shall be prepared and submitted in separate envelopes within 10 days from the first date of the announcement.
  3. Both envelopes with bid documents shall be clearly marked as “Capacity Building Training on Phytosanitory Measures”.
  1. EHPEA reserves the right to accept or reject any of all bids.
  2. Lately coming bids shall be rejected
  3. For further information and queries, please contact EHPEA at the address indicated below


Finance and Administration office, Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association, NB Business Center, Miky Leyland road, around Ministry of Energy & Water Resources, Room No. 603, Addis Ababa

Finance and Administration Office

Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association

Miky Leyland Road, around Ministry of Energy & Water Resources

NB Business Center Building 6th Floor, Room No. 603

Addis Ababa

Tel: 011 663 45 24/ 011663 67 50.

Fax 011 663 67 53

Consultancy Terms of Reference (ToR)
ToR Training

EHPEA Member Farm Flower Products

Contact Info

Location : Micky Leyland Avenue on the Road to Atlas Hotel, NB Business Center; 6th floor; Room # 603

Phone : +251 11 6636750

P.O.Box: 22241 Code 1000


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