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Jogo Women Empowerment Coffee House- Florensis Ethiopia Plc

Florensis Ethiopia Plc Constructing a Coffee House for Jogo Reforestation Site as an Income Generating Initiative

Florensis Ethiopia PLC is constructing a coffee house for Jogo Reforestation Site in which the project expenditure raises around half a million ETB. The initiative aimed to benefits 20 women organized by Lume woreda women’s and children’s affairs office.

Florensis Ethiopia stated that this is one of the biggest CSR project implemented solely so far. This project also creates job opportunity for the community youth in which labor for the construction which takes around half of the expenditure through a contract and the materials supply also sourced from the area youths and entrepreneurs.

The Jogo reforestation project had been managed under the local non- governmental organization; Social and Environmental Development Organization (SAEDO) initiated and owned by the cluster farms to execute several joint corporate social responsibility and communal support activities. The site covered 11 hectares of degraded land and it is recalled that 6000 seedlings were planted at Jogo area in Lume district by 60 volunteers in 2014 and 18,000 seedlings in 2015 and distributed about 2000 seedlings to kebeles, planted more than 10,000 in 2017, 10,000 seedlings in 2018.

There was a plan also on the way to continue plantations and also build recreational cultural houses for the reforestation area organized women to empower them with the intention of handing over the area at the end for the sustainability of the reforestation and rehabilitation project.

Contact Info

Location : Micky Leyland Avenue on the Road to Atlas Hotel, NB Business Center; 6th floor; Room #603

Phone : +251 11 6636750

P.O.Box: 22241 Code 1000


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