EHPEA & NHO Team Up for Collective Bargaining Training - EHPEA

EHPEA & NHO Team Up for Collective Bargaining Training

EHPEA joined forces with NHO to bring you a unique training session on Collective Bargaining Agreements and Social Dialogue. This three-day workshop delved into the importance of fostering positive industrial relations, incorporating valuable insights from Norwegian experts.

The program catered to a diverse audience, attracting Human Resource Managers, Safety Officers, and Workers Union representatives. Through interactive sessions and discussions, participants gained a deeper understanding of effective negotiation strategies and communication techniques.

The learning experience culminated in a memorable farm visit. This hands-on session provided a platform to exchange best practices and witness the real-world application of the training.

This collaborative effort by EHPEA and NHO ensured a fruitful and enriching experience for all participants, empowering them to build stronger, more productive working relationships.

Contact Info

Location : Micky Leyland Avenue on the Road to Atlas Hotel, NB Business Center; 6th floor; Room #603

Phone : +251 11 6636750

P.O.Box: 22241 Code 1000


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