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Enhancing farms productivity through waste management

The Ethiopian Horticulture Producer and Exporter Association (EHPEA) has been implementing liquid and solid waste management interventions in different member farms.  In this regards more than 30 member farms benefited from the construction of liquid waste treatment plants (i.e. wetland technology) and some of the member farms have been using composting technologies to manage their green waste.

Taking into account its success on implementation of liquid waste management, the Association plans to improve the green waste management technologies of member farms by taking various efforts to introduce the technologies.

Accordingly, EHPEA organized a consultative workshop to discuss on the existing solid waste technologies in the country and share experiences of different stakeholders.  The workshop was held on 3rd of October 2019 at the EHPEA Meeting Hall.

The workshop brought together representative of member farms, concerned governmental institutions, NGOs, consulting firms in the field and high level experts to share their experience in solid waste management in general and green waste management in particular.

On the workshop; EHPEA, Wolijeji Agricultural Industry, Soil and More Ethiopia, Jimma University, SIMBA Bio Energy Solution, Ministry of Water Irrigation and Electricity, Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute and Bekur Engineering Consultants presented their proposed alternative technologies and experience on solid waste management, including the advantages and disadvantages of their respective technologies.

At the end of the presentation, participants made fruitful discussion on the presentations and forwarded recommendations for EHPEA that would help to introduce appropriate and viable waste management technology for its member farms.

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