Hortiflora Expo 2019: Visitors and Exhibitors Views - EHPEA

       Hortiflora Expo 2019: Visitors and Exhibitors Views

Hortiflora Expo 2019: Visitors and Exhibitors Views

We are very happy with the exhibition. We have made a lot of partnerships here. We are going to participate in the next edition as well. I would like to congratulate the organizers.

Roberto Moscoso, Bella Flower Group

It is good for us. We are glad that we took part. We met new customers who want to come on board. We got partners as well. We have learnt that Ethiopia has the largest potential in Africa.

Mohammed Iqbal Bholim, Dilpack Kenya

It was a successful exhibition. I met a lot of growers who are exhibiting here. For me, it was a shortcut to meet all the people here in one place.

Mathew, Koppert Biological Systems

It was very good. From the three-day expo, the opening and the last days were great. We made a lot of contacts. Many people visited our stand which was also interesting. We also promoted our farm and our produce especially our preserved flowers as they were exhibited for the first time this year.

Magali Mottier, Gallica Flowers

The exhibition was so good. We had a lot of enquiries. For me, it has been a platform to contact potential buyers and to reestablish our relationship with old customers. Meeting old customers on such occasion is important. And I think we were successful.

Darin Truluck, Haygrove Limited

The exhibition was nice. We met a lot of partners. Of course, we haven’t met many flower buyers. We have met also many suppliers which we have not expected. We are more than satisfied.

Peter Linssen, Linssen Roses

It was very good. A lot of people visited our booth. We are hopeful that we establish business here and we are very happy.

Noorul Chowdhari, Al Zayat Carton

Representing the food sector in Ethiopia, we expect further development of the sector. We are glad that Her Excellency the president of FDRE, Sahlework, in her opening remark, called on more stakeholders to join the production of fruits and vegetables. We aspire to see the sector with much more prosperity and development.

Yoram Perets, Gilboa Seeds

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