Ministry says taking action to participate in BIE - EHPEA

Ministry says taking action to participate in BIE

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is carrying out preparation activities to take part in the International Beijing Horticulture Exhibition to be held in Beijing, China from April 29-October 7, 2019.
At this event, over 197 countries and 16 million visitors are expected to show up. In order to make active participation in the event, Ethiopia has already started booth construction on 50 sq. meters area designated for it. To this end, actions are underway to fully take advantage of the event to penetrate Chinese market, forge market link, exchange experiences thereby promoting the advantageous investment atmosphere available in the country.
In similar development, the African Union Commission Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture is taking actions towards identifying and selecting a number of relevant horticultural enterprises across the continent to exhibit their products and services at the exhibition.
Beijing International Expo (BIE) is an international horticultural exhibition hosted by Chinese Government and organized by Beijing Municipal Government. It is the Expo of largest scale and highest level after 1999 Kunming Expo and 2010 Shanghai Expo. With ‘Live Green, Live Better’ as the theme and ‘Integrating Horticulture into Nature and Touching Souls with Nature’ as its philosophy, the expo park covers a total area of 503 hectares in Yanqing district, in northern part of Beijing.
The Expo is expected not only to demonstrate the application of most advanced technologies as well as featured horticultural achievements from all over the world but also showcase the progress China has made in the development of both horticulture (including flowers, fruits, vegetables, medicinal plants and tea) and ecological civilization at large.

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