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Protecting Ethiopia’s Rose Industry: EHPEA’s action on False Codling Moth

The Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) launched a project in May 2024 to combat False Codling Moth (FCM), a major threat to rose production and export. Partnering with rose growers and the Netherlands Embassy in Ethiopia, EHPEA has already made significant progress on major milestones;

• Over 20,000 Farm Workers Trained: This extensive program equips workers to identify and manage FCM infestations, safeguarding Ethiopia’s rose harvest. 

• Enhanced Inspection Capacity at Bole Airport: EHPEA provided essential materials to the Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA) at Bole International Airport. This empowers inspectors to ensure exported roses meet the highest international standards. 

• Organized two experience sharing activities for member farms to transfer practical knowledge and help farms combat the effects of FCM for a sustainable floriculture business in Ethiopia.

The fight doesn’t stop here. EHPEA is committed to further training extension workers and EAA inspectors, strengthening Ethiopia’s rose industry for continued success and export growth.

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Location : Micky Leyland Avenue on the Road to Atlas Hotel, NB Business Center; 6th floor; Room #603

Phone : +251 11 6636750

P.O.Box: 22241 Code 1000


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