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Red Fox Ethiopia Committed to Support the Local Community

Red Fox Ethiopia P.L.C operates under the well-known international company named Dümmen Orange. The company is engaged in producing and exporting business of cuttings Poinsettia and Geranium rooted and un-rooted with over 200 varieties to different parts of Europe and USA.

The farm is located in 90 km from Addis Ababa Oromya Regional Sate, East Showa Zone, Lume Woreda, about 1.8 km from Koka town.

Red Fox Ethiopia is implementing lots of corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects extended for the local community in many aspects as education being one of the primary focuses.


The company has renovated the existing old classrooms at the Koka Primary School and built new classrooms as well as one Administration block. In collaboration with neighbouring cutting farms-Florensis Ethiopia P.L.C and Syngenta built secondary school, having 24 class rooms and fully equipped with library and laboratory materials, with a cost of 4.5 million birr.

It also support many of its staffs to attend university studies for higher education which makes it one of a preferred employer in the region. The company received special awards and certifications for the good deeds from East Showa Education Bureau, Lome Woreda Administration, school community, students and other stakeholders.

Health Care:

As there is no national health care benefit for people in the country, especially those in rural areas have no access to health care. Accordingly, Red Fox Ethiopia established a fully functional medium level clinic and provide medical care service to all its temporary and permanent employees free of charge. The company also hired one health officer, two nurses, a laboratory technician, pharmacist and an administrator to manage the clinic and treat patients based on the requirement of the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia. The clinic is able to dispense medication including antibiotics, malaria treatment and many other primary health care treatments.


Anti-HIV Club

This project started in 2012 as HIV Prevention Club having a wider objective to support workers leaving with HIV and creating awareness on prevention.

Some of the supports are

  1. HIV/ADIS awareness through health care program.

► Education program like peer education, mini-media, coffee ceremony programs etc. In addition to this, there is a monthly training sessions held with the staff. Training in the community clinics has also started this year.

► Material support: During holidays material supports such as chicken, eggs and butter is provided to the patients. The Club has its own committee leaders who are looking over the implementation of the small project. This committee was established from managements and workers leaving with HIV. The club has its own bank account.

When the club was established in 2012, the financial source was monthly contribution from the company, workers and lottery sales and due to lack of sustainable financial source and lack of commitment from the committee members, the club tends to perform less than expected. However, in 2016 the club was re-established with the effort of the new management. These club members are now highly motivated and come up with innovative plans that are believed to approve the sustainability of the club and the support given to HIV patients.

The committee follows some strategies as a Source of Income; Contribution from the company  for the running cost of 15,000 birr.  Establishment of Poultry House to produce egg for the sustainable income source to support the project. The poultry farm was established in Nov, 2016 having an objective to support the income for anti HIV club that will help to sustain the project as a revolving fund from sales of egg. Currently, 120 layer chickens are kept in the poultry house and egg sales was started since February 2019.

The committee also looking for new support opportunities to the people leaving with HIV such as;  Nutritional supports for workers leaving with HIV/Aids whose CD4 count is lower, these are currently 30 workers in number. Some of the supports provided for these employees are: Holyday Support: by providing mainly chicken meat, egg, edible oil and butter,  Medical Health coverage, Sanitation materials and other support like 500ml power milk is also provided every 3 months.

Contact Info

Location : Micky Leyland Avenue on the Road to Atlas Hotel, NB Business Center; 6th floor; Room # 603

Phone : +251 11 6636750

P.O.Box: 22241 Code 1000


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