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SAEDO projects said well in progress

Social and Environmental Development Organization (SAEDO) is a joint CSR projects at Koka Cluster aimed at implementing diverse environmental and social impact schemes in the community. Florensis Ethiopia, Florensis Abyssinia, Dumen Organe, Syngenta, Almeta Impex , Ethio Vegfru and individual partners are the horticulture companies closely supporting the projects.

Initiated by Florensis Abyssinia to be executed for three years, the joint project has been under implementation since 2014 through implementing various CSR practices in the community.

SAEDO Program Director Mr. Nemwak Ararsa noted that private horticulture companies have high commitment for the successful implementation and benefit of the community.

The integrated CSR plan includes child support which is undertaken by cluster horticulture farms jointly. School development in which all of the farms in the partnership contributed based on the need and reforestation program.

The Program Director said that the project is successful in achieving the ultimate goal of creating good image of the companies in the hearts of the community.

The joint efforts that have been underway by the aforementioned companies are worth applying in other farms in the industry.

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