EHPEA represented the Ethiopian horticulture industry at MADE IN GERMANY – AFRICA 2024

EHPEA represented the Ethiopian horticulture industry at MADE IN GERMANY – AFRICA 2024 conference and expo held in skylight hotel from March 14-16.

On the panel discussion, Tewodros Zewdie, EHPEA executive director deliberate the opportunities and challenges of the sector towards the Due Diligence Regulation and the way forward to support farms to meet the international standard on any export produce.

Addressing gender intervention elements were one of the main panel discussion which EHPEA gender department Senior gender expert, Mahilet Merid took part, by sharing the Association experience on women empowerment practice in the horticulture industry, challenges that the sector faced to mitigate the gender equality and the positive outcome of it interventions at farm level.

Marginpar Ethiopia & L’Arca Investment undertake joint CSR activities

Located in Holata town administration in Wolmera district Marginpar Ethiopia PLC and L’Arca Investment PLC are summer flower producing and exporting farms. They have same shareholders and their main crops are Eryngium, Astrantia, Crocosmia which are exported to Europe and some direct customers in the Far East and America.

The two companies participate in different CSR activities jointly. They took part in construction of a ten-kilometre road in two different sites in “Wolmera Choke” Kebele. In undertaking the road project they carried out activities in consulting the community about the lay of the road following which the community provided the selected material and the companies took care of machinery, transportation and labour cost.

The Kebele also requested support to build a bridge on Welensu River and thus, both companies provided culverts and machinery. During the construction the companies provided a temporary solution via a wooden bridge.

So far over 10,000 indigenous fast-growing trees have been distributed to the community. The trees transplantation is meant to protect soil erosion and contribute to environmental conservation.

Over 40 households get drinking water service from the two companies. At several farm gates dispersing points have been erected. Furthermore, a nearby primary school is about to be supplied with drinking water.

Recently the companies assisted in Community-Based Health Insurance (CBHI) which enabled all 650 staff members and 26 elderly from local the community get access to full health package for themselves and their family.

Both companies provide all their staff members with lunch on each working day.

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