Wetlands Constructed at EHPEA Member Farms

Wetlands Constructed at EHPEA Member Farms


The horticulture sector in Ethiopia is one of the rapidly growing industries in the country.  Following the boom in the sector, the production volume has been increasing accordingly that it generates wastes (both solid and liquid types) from different production practices.

Waste management has been one of a cross cutting issue for sustainable business climate of the horticulture sector. In line with this, EHPEA has been taking a lead on the implementation of waste water management by supporting the construction of Wetland System of farms in collaboration with key partnering organizations.The construction of wetland system implemented on 24 EHPEA member farms way above the project plan, as it was initially designed to reach 15 farms. Up to date 34 farm staffs drawn from 12 different farms were trained on operation & maintenance in the course of managing the wetland system.




                               Constructed Wetland at Sher Ethiopia PLC

Member farms practice:


Mr. Mohamed, Farm Manager at AQ Rose    said “Our wetland is constructed in line with international standards. All liquid waste in the farm is being collected and pumped to the wetland system with zero discharge, allowing us to save water. After being treated, the water will be used for garden area irrigation purposes. In fact, for better results, regular maintenance works are necessary to maximize efficiency & sustainability.”

                                                                 AQ Roses Constructed Wetland

Florensis Abyssinia PLC

“Our Wetland system is under construction, we are very optimistic of the results & we are eager see its positive impact on ensuring a healthy environment & proper waste water management practice. Although our farm has limited amount of waste water, once it is treated, we are planning to reuse the exiting waste water for our landscape beautification; irrigation of grass, tree and other edible plants.”





Joytech PLC

Mr. Besrat Haileselassie,Farm Manager at Joytech





Florensis Abyssinia PLC

 “Wetland is significantly helpful to our farm with a key role in ensuring zero discharge as the waste water is being collected in one single place.In addition to this it keeps the environment safe and builds the sector’s positive image.”

Constructed Wetland at Joytech

National Initiative Launched to improve Ethiopia’s Investment Climate

National Initiative Launched to improve
Ethiopia’s Investment Climate

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched a national initiative to improve Ethiopia’s investment climate. The Initiative is an integral part of Ethiopia’s Action Plan for Jobs. It will make Ethiopia a competitive place to start and grow businesses.

Ethiopia needs job creating growth. Successful businesses and entrepreneurs drive jobs growth.

The government has an essential role in identifying and addressing constraints that prevent the private sector from growing and generating jobs.

The National Initiative identifies over 80 distinct actions to be delivered across 10 government agencies. With clear direction from the PM, the reform measures will be monitored by the Policy and Performance Unit of the PMO and coordinated by the Ethiopian Investment Commission.

Consultative workshop on environmental law enforcement held in Adama

Focusing on implementation of solid and liquid waste management practices, Commission of Environment Forest and Climate change organized a consultative forum held in Adama from December 24 to 27, 2018. At the workshop representatives from different Regional, Federal and Public sector participated.

On the workshop the commission experts presented their assessment findings of waste management practices on Textile, Flower, Leather and Industrial park. Following the presentation the participants discussed on the findings in each sector and set a direction on the way forward.

H.E Professor Fekadu Beyen, Environmental and Climate Change Commissioner, said the Ethiopian government has set clear guidelines for the implementation of these laws, and green development Climate-Resilient Green Economy (CRE) mechanism that is being implemented in Ethiopia should be regarded as part of this decree. The commission will continue to monitor and follow-up on the agreed points.

EHPEA training department has delivered occupational safety and health training

EHPEA training department has delivered occupational safety and health training for farm safety officers for four days from December 18 to 21 /2018.The objective of the training was to capacitate farms and share best practice regarding occupational safety and health in industry(Sector).

EHPEA Discussed on Overseas Market Cooperation with AERA

Agri-Enterprise Resourceful Association discussed with EHPEA on cooperation of overses market. AERA is a primary nongovernmental private – board which focuses on the fields of agriculture, especially on agricultural inputs and processing. AERA was initiated by 7 academicians and 23 agricultural top 100’s enterpreneurs in 2014. Currently it has 41 members who are being one of the top Chinese Agricultural industry. The association is dedicatedly run by the AEC profesional agricultural consulting company focusing on building industry-integrity-group for Chinese agriculture.

On the meeting the representatives reflected their members intrest to collaborate in food  processing and agricultural input supply. EHPEA Executive Director Mr. Tewodros Zewdie briefed the over all potential of the sector mensioning that regarding compliance, EHPEA member farms are certified of international certifications and ready to expand their market.

The representatives visited Minaye Flowers PLC, Hawassa industrial park and other associations.

EHPEA attracted investors at IFTF expo Holland

EHPEA promoted horticulture at IFTF expo held in Holland November 7-9, 2018. On the expo a collection of different varieties of members’ product have been displayed on the stand. As part of investment attraction, EHPEA discussed with five Dutch potential investors who are interested to invest on the new horticulture corridors. The investment believed to create employment opportunities for 10,000 youngster. In addition to this the expo attracted many buyers and creates market linkage.

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