Bahirdar University Horticulture Department students, researchers and masters students spent a day at Bahirdar Fresh Plc. and Ethio Agri-Ceft Plc

Bahirdar University Horticulture Department students, researchers and masters students spent a day at Bahirdar Fresh Plc. and Ethio Agri-Ceft Plc on March 24, 2022.

The program organized by Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) with a theme ‘Horticulture for Future Generations’ to give students a chance to get a hands-on agricultural learning experience and a new perspective on the horticulture industry.

This kind of program organized on a yearly base which is open to any student who wants additional perspectives and networking opportunities in agriculture.

On the program the participants got a chance to learn the practical way of growing blueberries from seedling to packing as per the export stand. They also got the exposure on how to manage a green waste using compost system where the farms currently benefiting by changing their waste into wealth.

A B2B Session held between EHPEA Fruit and Vegetable Growers and Buyers from Djibouti

It has been said that an agreement has been reached to supply vegetable and fruit products to Djibouti market.
Ethiopia and Djibouti have agreed to supply new vegetable and fruit products to Djibouti market.
The first Ethio-Jibouti Vegetable and Fruit Forum was held in Addis Ababa and many Ethiopian fruit and vegetable exporters have agreed to provide more than 20 quality products to major Djibouti markets.

It is said that the Ethiopian Horticulture Manufacturers and Senders Association has served as an important platform to evaluate business discussions and to improve vegetable and fruit products sent to Djibouti.
Discussion forum at Djibouti Ethiopian Embassy Business and Economics Department Counsellor Mr. Biniam Efrem, Mr. Djibouti Chamber of Commerce Mr. Siyad Ali Hassan and Mr. Tewodros Zewde have given explanation on the measures that can be made to increase the products sent to Djibouti.
It has been stated that regional trade ties need to be strengthened especially during the current global food crisis.
Information we got from the foreign minister shows that the Djibouti delegation team is expected to visit Bishoftu and Qoka farms.

EHPEA and Linsen Roses PLC Donated 1 Million Birr for displaced community in Wollo due to the war

As part of EHPEA corporate social responsibility intervention, 500,000.00 birr donated for displaced community in Wollo due to the war.

On the program Linsen Rose Plc. also donated additional 500,000.00 birr to create a better impact.

The formal handing over occasion held at deputy administrator of the zone Ato Tesfa Dagnaw, deputy administrator of the zone expressed his appreciation for the extended support by both EHPEA and Linsen Rose at the event which took place in hlSouth Wollo Zone administration office.

He also mentioned the people of Wollo will never forget such cooperation by investors at this difficult time.

Ato Yohanes Abebe, on behalf of EHPEA and Ato Mekasha Tesfaye on behalf of Linsen Rose expressed it is the responsibility of investments to support war and drought victims.

The team also visited the rehabilitation site at Jari.

On the other occasion, members of EHPEA, AQ rose, Bram flower, Herberg rose, and Ziway rose workers donated in kind, 130 quintals of wheat flour for the displaced communities around Kemise zone in Dawa Chefa and 100 quintals of maize for drought affected area in Borena which is estimated the cost of one million birr.

Federal Level Strategic Partnership Platform for Horticulture

The federal level strategic partnership platform for horticulture conducted its monthly meeting on addressing challenges of the sector today at Batu (Ziwayi) town at Sher farm in the presence of senior officials and representatives of pertinent federal Ministries, Commissions and Ethiopian Electric Utility and Ethio-Telecom. The participants deliberated at length including, among others, policy, regulations and directives related issues, farms specific problems, ambiguous interpretation of tax law, amd frequent power outrage. On the meeting, Dr. Sofiya Kassa, State Minister of Agriculture, emphasized the need for synergy within each government institution and the private sector. Along with the meeting the participants visited the constructed Wetland system and got a briefing how the farms manage their liquid wastes for a better environment protection as well as water saving. The meeting adjourned by taking assignments for prompt response on the raised issues. 

Market Assessment on Fruit and Vegetable Export to Djibouti

EHPEA presented the market assessment on the potential of fruit and vegetable export to Djibouti targeting the mass and high end market, today for its member farms who are engaged in the production of the fruit, vegetable, herb and seedling at its head office.

EHPEA linked its member farms with International Finance Corporation(IFC)

EHPEA linked its member farms with International Finance Corporation(IFC) which is the largest global development institution and member of World Bank Group on the financing opportunities they offer for horticulture farms today at Hilton hotel.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) provides financing of private-enterprise investment in developing countries around the world, through both loans and direct investments.

IFC introduced its customized financing schemes for the sector with a provision of 50% loan, 5% interest rate and 20% equity depending on the business case. IFC’s representatives presented that they are looking to work as a partner by providing, agribusiness advisory on quality assurance, technical support, knowledge sharing, product development and maintenance.

The discussion concluded to come up with the way forward on identifying innovative solutions for strategic challenges and linking more investments with IFC’S services.

“Made in Ethiopia” Bazaar and Expo Officially Opened

EHPEA promotes its members produce at “Made in Ethiopia” Bazaar and Expo which is organized with an objective to promote Ethiopian produces to the diaspora homecoming community. The five day event officially opened today by Industry Minister Ato Melaku Alebel in the presence of higher government officials. The event is organized by Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Industry, and Ministry of Culture and Tourism as well as Investment Commission.

Flower farms in Ziway alliance transferred eight renovated house

Flower farms in Ziway alliance to build homes for eight household. Ziway Rose PLC, Herburg Rose PLC, AQ Rose PLC and Bram Flowers PLC, transferred eight renovated house which costs over 1.3 million birr, today in the presence of Batu town administration officials, community leaders and neighboring community. On the program the farms representative Ato. Ermiyas Solomon stated that as part of corporate social responsibility engagement, it’s their primary focus to give back to the community who needs support to boost their livelihood. He also stated that they will continue working with the responsible government offices to ensure sustainable support.

A project briefing on transforming the Ethiopian horticulture sector to a sustainable export

A project briefing on transforming the Ethiopian horticulture sector to a sustainable export alternative proposed by CBI (Centre for the promotion of Imports from developing countries) and Flying Swans Consortium was organized by EHPEA today in the presence of member farms who are engaged in the production of fruit and vegetable production and export business.  

During the meeting Mrs. Afke van der Woude, Program Manager at CBI presented that the project aims to capacitate the growers for export and to meet international standards. The project is currently recruiting Ethiopian companies to participate. 

Seeing the untapped potential of the Ethiopian Horticulture, especially the current trend on the  global avocado market opportunities for Ethiopian avocado growers and exporters, Flying swans Consortium introduced its project on developing Avocado service delivery platform to address mainly the farming,  service and agro logistics. Mr. Tom Bouwman, Senior Project Manager presented the about the logistics related bottlenecks solved by the service of Cool Port Addis.

EHPEA in collaboration with Fair Trade Africa (FTA) organized a workshop on “Occupational Safety and Living Wage Determination”.

EHPEA in collaboration with Fair Trade Africa (FTA) organized a workshop on “Occupational Safety and Living Wage Determination”. On this workshop representative from International Labor Organization (ILO), Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Union (CETTU), Regional Bureau of social and Labor Affairs, National Federation of Farm Plantation Fishery Agro-Industry Trade Union (NFFPFATU) , and Six Fair trade certified farms discussed the current practices in the horticulture sector in related to Occupational Health and Safety, living wage and brainstorm possible scenarios for future significant practical and constructive solutions toward sustainability.

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