Handing over of Equipment to the Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA)

In a bid to strengthen the Phyto-Sanitary system and also to further ensure the competitiveness of agricultural export from Ethiopia 🇪🇹, EHPEA today handed over 12 items including, among others, desktop computers, printer, cameras, eskimo suits, movable inspection tables, safety shoes, and the like…

This is aimed at further professionalization of  the inspection at Bole International Airport.

The items were procured with the contribution of member farms.

EHPEA & NHO Team Up for Collective Bargaining Training

EHPEA joined forces with NHO to bring you a unique training session on Collective Bargaining Agreements and Social Dialogue. This three-day workshop delved into the importance of fostering positive industrial relations, incorporating valuable insights from Norwegian experts.

The program catered to a diverse audience, attracting Human Resource Managers, Safety Officers, and Workers Union representatives. Through interactive sessions and discussions, participants gained a deeper understanding of effective negotiation strategies and communication techniques.

The learning experience culminated in a memorable farm visit. This hands-on session provided a platform to exchange best practices and witness the real-world application of the training.

This collaborative effort by EHPEA and NHO ensured a fruitful and enriching experience for all participants, empowering them to build stronger, more productive working relationships.

EHPEA Member Farm Tinaw Business Share Company Gears Up for Major Expansion!

We’re excited to share the news of a major expansion at one of our esteemed EHPEA member farms, Tinaw Business Share Company! Established in 2006, Tinaw has become a prominent grower and exporter of high-quality fresh cut roses in Ethiopia.

Located just 175 km southwest of Addis Ababa, at a cool 1950 meters above sea level, Tinaw’s existing farm boasts over 18 varieties of stunning roses, with stem lengths ranging from 40 to 70 cm. Their beautiful blooms grace markets across Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, and the Gulf Countries.

The EHPEA management team recently visited Tinaw to offer their support and celebrate a significant milestone: a 33-hectare expansion project! Construction is well underway, with packhouses, fertigation systems, propagation areas, greenhouse sheds, essential facilities like change rooms, a reservoir, and access roads all being built at an impressive pace.

This exciting expansion will not only allow Tinaw to serve new destinations with their wide assortment of roses, but it’s also expected to create an additional 800 jobs! Muluqen Lemma, General Manager of Tinaw Share Co., is spearheading this ambitious project. He personally guided the EHPEA team on a tour of the expansion and discussed ways to further strengthen EHPEA’s support for Tinaw’s continued success.

We at EHPEA are incredibly proud of Tinaw’s achievements and thrilled to support their growth. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting expansion!

A well Deserved Recognition for Tackling Plant Health Challenges

EHPEA acknowledges the recognition certificate award received from Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA), for the unwavering collaboration and active engagement in addressing emerging plant health issues within the Ethiopian horticulture sector

EHPEA’s dedication to working alongside the Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA) ensures a stronger and healthier future for Ethiopian horticulture.

EHPEA Recognized for Championing Plant Health in Ethiopian Horticulture

The Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) received a prestigious recognition award from the Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA) at the National Phytosanitary Conference. This award applauds EHPEA’s exceptional collaboration with the EAA in tackling plant health challenges within the horticulture sector.

EHPEA’s Dedication Earns Recognition on its proactive initiatives and unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable agricultural practices have significantly contributed to:

• Enhanced Phytosanitary Measures: Ensuring the health and safety of Ethiopian horticultural products for both domestic and export markets.

• Fostering Innovation: EHPEA plays a key role in encouraging collaborative efforts and innovative solutions to address plant health threats.

• Knowledge Transfer and Training: The association facilitates knowledge sharing and provides training on best practices to farmers and experts, empowering them to mitigate plant pest risks.

• Implementing Advanced Protocols: EHPEA actively supports the implementation of advanced plant health protocols, safeguarding Ethiopia’s valuable horticultural sector.

This recognition underscores the vital partnership between EHPEA and the EAA, highlighting their shared dedication to strengthening and safeguarding the future growth and productivity of Ethiopia’s horticulture sector.

Protecting Ethiopia’s Rose Industry: EHPEA’s action on False Codling Moth

The Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) launched a project in May 2024 to combat False Codling Moth (FCM), a major threat to rose production and export. Partnering with rose growers and the Netherlands Embassy in Ethiopia, EHPEA has already made significant progress on major milestones;

• Over 20,000 Farm Workers Trained: This extensive program equips workers to identify and manage FCM infestations, safeguarding Ethiopia’s rose harvest. 

• Enhanced Inspection Capacity at Bole Airport: EHPEA provided essential materials to the Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA) at Bole International Airport. This empowers inspectors to ensure exported roses meet the highest international standards. 

• Organized two experience sharing activities for member farms to transfer practical knowledge and help farms combat the effects of FCM for a sustainable floriculture business in Ethiopia.

The fight doesn’t stop here. EHPEA is committed to further training extension workers and EAA inspectors, strengthening Ethiopia’s rose industry for continued success and export growth.

Shaping the Future of Ethiopian Exports: National Phytosanitary Conference Held in Addis Ababa

A successful National Phytosanitary Conference, themed “Shaping Present and Future Directions,” took place today at the Haile Grand Hotel in Addis Ababa. The event, co-organized by the Ethiopian Horticulture Producer Exporters Association (EHPEA) and the Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA), addressed critical phytosanitary concerns impacting Ethiopia’s major exports, including coffee, cut flowers, and cuttings.

The conference highlighted the importance of implementing International Phytosanitary Measures (ISPMs) to ensure national and global food security, facilitate safe trade, and protect the environment.

H.E. Ambassador Deriba Kuma stressed the need for collaboration and cooperation in establishing a robust national phytosanitary system urging active participation from all stakeholders.

Mr. Wondale Habtamu, the NPPO, delivered a keynote address on the technical aspects of phytosanitary measures and their role in international trade, plant resource protection, biodiversity, and Ethiopia’s ecosystem underlining the evolving requirements of importing countries.

Mr. Tewodros Zewdie, Executive Director of EHPEA, echoed the importance of collaboration between regulatory bodies, private sectors, and various stakeholders to implement international plant health standards. He also highlighted joint efforts by EAA, EHPEA, and others to bolster capacity in phytosanitary compliance, resulting in a significant reduction of False Codling Moth (FCM) interceptions, a major concern for European plant health regulations.

The event featured insightful presentations by subject matter experts on; EU plant health regulations, Emerging phytosanitary trends and their implications for East African countries, Challenges of False Codling Moth, as well as The role of public and private sectors in smooth export trade.

This vital conference paves the way for a more secure and sustainable future for Ethiopia’s export industry.

EHPEA held a media tour at its member farms

EHPEA held a media tour at its member farms Red Fox Ethiopia Plc. and Joytech Plc., located in the Koka and Bishoftu horticulture cluster today.

The Association organized this event with an aim to raise awareness about the latest advancements in the Ethiopian horticulture.

Participants from the local media outlets TV, Radio and Newspaper gained valuable insights into the cutting-edge techniques for cut flower production, banana tissue culture production, and hydroponics technology being implemented at the farm level.

On the event Selamawit Kassa, the State Minister of Government Communication Services stated the readiness of her office to collaborate with the Association to host different platforms to improve the sector image globally.

Batu (Ziway) Horticulture Cluster Hosted Successful Experience Sharing Program on FCM Management.

Ziway Roses Plc. welcomed EHPEA member farms to learn about their best practices for identification and management of False Codling Moth (FCM) at the farm level.

The Association organized the 1st round of the ‘Experience Sharing Program’ to transfer practical knowledge and help farms combat the effects of FCM for a sustainable floriculture business in Ethiopia.

Farm managers, crop protection experts, and representatives from the Ethiopian Agricultural Authority (EAA) participated in the program.

Attendees engaged in fruitful discussions, sharing diverse experiences and strategies for FCM management. The program is set to continue tomorrow at Herburg Rose Ethiopia, featuring additional innovative methods for combating FCM.”

EHPEA TVET Center conducted ‘Advanced OSH Management System’ training for its member farms. 

EHPEA TVET Center conducted ‘Advanced Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Management System’ training for its member farms at its head Office. 

The program emphasized the enhancement of workplace safety culture, improvement of risk management practices, and the safeguarding of farm communities. A significant component of the training involved experience sharing visit to exemplary farms, where participants exchanges their best practices.

Following the training, the attendees engaged in discussions about future directions and implementation strategies.

Together, let’s cultivate a culture of safety!

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