Herburg Roses Blooms Hope with New School for Special Needs Students!

Batu, Ethiopia – Herburg Roses is excited to announce the construction of a new elementary school dedicated to serving students with special needs in Batu city.

Building a Brighter Future: The school built with over 12 million birr, set to open its doors in 2017E.C. This initiative reflects Herburg Roses’ deep commitment to the local community.

Empowering Parents, Embracing Inclusion: Prior to construction, the Herburg Roses management team held extensive discussions with the region education authorities to select the students as well as community members and parents of children with special needs. These conversations focused on raising awareness about disabilities and the benefits of inclusive education. The positive response from parents has been instrumental in moving this project forward.

While Herburg Roses is known for exporting millions of beautiful roses each year, the company is dedicated to making a positive social impact. Their 40-hectare production site, located south of Addis Ababa, embodies this commitment.

Herburg Roses prioritizes sustainable practices, evident in their Fairtrade certification. This commitment extends beyond the environment, focusing on the well-being of employees and the community they serve. The new school is a powerful example of their dedication to building a brighter future for all.

Contact Info

Location : Micky Leyland Avenue on the Road to Atlas Hotel, NB Business Center; 6th floor; Room #603

Phone : +251 11 6636750

P.O.Box: 22241 Code 1000


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